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Finding a local mortar testing lab Send your samples for testing to the address provided below. Our mortar analysts will process your mortars in a timely manner. Generally 5-10 days.

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Mortar Analysis/Matching

Cost of mortar analysis is $350 per sample

Mortar analysis tests crushing pressure, and mortar composition and provides a detailed mortar composition formula including the sand and you get a cleaned sample of the sand returned with the mortar testing report.

Cost of mortar matching or color matching is $325 or if adding a color match to a mortar analysis is $150

Mortar matching is used for matching mortar color and compressive strength. The mortar type and base formula are based on the crushing pressure of the sample tested, unless it is being added to a composition analysis which is more detailed.

For both the mortar analysis and mortar matching testing, we need a few sample pieces of mortar or about a cup of mortar if it is crumbled.

Don't forget to include a return address, phone number, and email with the check/receipt and sample.

If you need an invoice, we need the email and contact info to send it to you.

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