Mortar Testing and Matching

AMR Labs provides some basic mortar testing services including the analysis of mortar composition and mortar color matching.

Testing Mortars

There are many different ways to test mortar and each testing method is used to determine different information about the mortar being analyzed. Testing the compressive strength of mortar is one of the most common mortar testing methods used to identify if a mortar meets the requirements of a spec sheet from an engineer.

Testing the crushing pressure tells you if the mortar is hard enough to carry the load and pressures that will be applied to it. This test is also used to determine what type of mortar should be used to replace mortar in similar strengths.

Testing the compressive/crushing strength is part of our full mortar testing analysis, but if it is all you need, the masonry unit test is the mortar test you need. It is used to determine the crushing strength of mortars or bricks/stone/tile/blocks.

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Mortar Testing Procedure

What are the procedures for ordering Mortar Testing?

Acquire samples of mortar about 1/4 cup or more is best
Payment for mortar analysis (pay online or by check with samples)
Package: Samples in a bag, a copy of receipt for mortar testing or a check, your name, E-Mail, job name, job address, and shipping address, and a contact phone number.
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How long does mortar testing take?

Your mortar testing report and a cleaned sample of the original sand will be shipped to you within 5-10 business days.
Some delays may occur with large orders or volume of orders being processed.

Most orders are processed within 1-2 days, and take 1-3 days shipping.

Mortar Testing Sample

Use a hammer and chisel to remove the samples of mortar from the corners of the home or directly from one of the cracks. Then send us the samples with payment or a copy of the receipt for online payments.

Mortar Testing Services

We offer many types of mortar testing including mortar color/composition matching. Some are listed below.

Mortar Testing

This mortar analysis analyzes the compressive strength of mortar, the mortar composition, mortar type, the sand gradation, and produces a mortar formula for matching the mortar composition and type of the existing mortar sample being tested or to analyze and compare two samples of mortar to determine if they are the same. This mortar analysis includes compressive strength testing, hydrochloric testing or acid digestion of mortar, magnified examination, weight loss, and sand analysis. A cleaned sample of the original sand is returned to you with the mortar testing report. This test is also used to determine if the old mortar is a historic mortar or rather contains historic lime.
This test follows the astm testing methods for testing hardened mortar samples. With the mortar composition testing, you can add a sand sieve analysis for additional details about the sand, and you can add color matching services.

Mortar Matching

In this mortar analysis, we analyze the composition of mortar samples, compressive strength, and color and produce a mortar formula for matching the existing mortar color and composition. This includes an analysis of the original sand.

Masonry Unit Testing

This analysis is designed to test the crushing pressure or compressive strength of mortar, brick, stone, block, or tile, and is used to analyze and determine if the mortar used is a good mortar for the masonry units or to determine what type of mortar should be used with the units. A good mortar is slightly softer than the brick or stone it is used to install to prevent damage to the masonry unit.

Mortar Testing and Matching Services

There is no reason for masonry repair to look like this.
Get the mortar tested and properly matched. View our photos to see what this project looks like after our mortar testing and mortar matching services.

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