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AMR Labs has provided some of the most common questions and answers about mortar analysis and matching services for masonry repair.

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Mortar Testing FAQ'S

Q: [How do I match mortar?]
A: [Collect mortar samples for analysis and send them to us. We can match them for you.]

Q: [Where do I get mortar tested or analyzed?]
A: [We provide mortar analysis and matching services in our mortar testing lab.]

Q: [How much mortar is needed for analysis?]
A: [For more accurate testing results, we need about 25g of mortar. This is about a quarter cup.]

Q: [Where do I send samples of mortar for testing?]
A: [For mortar composition testing analysis or matching, send us your samples and we can analyze and match them. ]

Q: [How long does mortar testing take?]
A: [Most mortar analysis testing takes a few days from the time we receive the mortar samples. ]

Q: [Why do I need to test samples of mortar?]
A: [Testing mortar samples from the existing mortar analyzes the composition of the old mortar and determines the composition formula for matching the existing mortar and allows for more durable accurate masonry repairs.]

Q: [Which mortar testing method is the best?]
A: [For matching mortar color and composition, you will want to get our mortar matching services. If you only need the mortar composition formula, our mortar analysis report is the way to go. And, for the best results on the color match and custom mortars, you may want to get both our mortar analysis and mortar matching services. ]

Q: [Why match mortar composition?]
A: [The mortar composition formula determines the mortar type, crushing pressure, performance, and how the new mortar will bond to the existing mortar joints. To ensure proper lasting repairs of the masonry, you will need to match the mortar composition. ]

Q: [Does the sand really matter?]
A: [Sand composes about 60% of the surface of the wall, and can significantly change the color of the mortar and the wall in areas repaired with the wrong color of sand or even different graded particles.]

Q: [Can I fix the mortar cracks myself?]
A: [Yes, you can repair mortar cracks yourself. We have developed some useful masonry repair tools and products to help make repairing masonry easy. Among these are the brick repair guide, mortar matching services, and our custom mortars. We do the hard part for you and make masonry repair easy and affordable.]

Q: [Where do I order custom mortar?]
A: [We provide mortar testing and matching services for creating the formula for making custom mortar, and produce bags of custom mortar. However, we do not produce historic lime. we use type S/SA lime witch have smaller particles. For historic lime, we can produce the formula for you and then Virginia Lime Works uses this formula to produce the mortar containing historic lime. ]

Q: [Can mortar be matched?]
A: [Yes, we match mortar composition and mortar color with precision for repairs that are generally not visible after the new mortar dries. ]

Q: [How do I fix mismatched mortar repairs?]
A: [To fix mismatched mortar repairs, you need to start with an analysis of the original mortar for composition and color matching. Then we can produce new mortar to match the old existing mortar and make bags of custom mortar for your repairs. Then it is a matter of removing the mismatched mortar and repointing the mortar joints with matching mortar. You can have a masonry repair company do this for you, or learn how to repair masonry with our brick repair guide. ]

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