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AMR Labs provides some of the best masonry repair tools and products for DIY masonry repair. Among these masonry repair products are custom mortars and the Brick Repair Guide - The complete guide to masonry repair. Using these products, you will be able to fix brick mortar cracks and replace brick with matching mortar. We do the hard part for you making brick repair easy and affordable.

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Brick Mortar Repair - Products

Pre-Matched Mortars
Custom mortar made to match the formula of the existing mortar through mortar matching.

Add local sand and water. We keep your custom mortar formula on file for ordering more boxes of custom mortar.
$70.00 per box

Order Pre-Matched Mortars

Most repair projects only use 2 boxes of mortar.

Each box contains 2 bags of mortar.

  1. $70.00 Per Box Pre-Matched Custom Mortar

Brick Repair Guide - Masonry Repair Products

DIY Masonry Repair Guide
Brick Repair Guide
Brick Repair Guide
This is the complete DIY guide to masonry repair, and is used by masonry repair companies to train new brick repair specialists.

This masonry repair guide is written by James Nech after about 25 years experience in masonry and masonry repair, and training hundreds of people to repair masonry cracks and other masonry repairs. This book explains step by step how to repair mortar cracks, fix cracks in brick walls, replace broken bricks, and where to locate old or antique bricks for replacement.

Brick Repair Guide-Features

Brick Repair Guide - Specifications / Features

  1. You will learn what causes cracking in the bricks and mortar
  2. Learn where cracks most often appear
  3. Get a detailed brick repair tool list, complete with pictures and descriptions of their use
  4. Get a list of any materials you will need to complete the masonry repair
  5. A complete brick locator section, which will show you how to find any brick
  6. Detailed instructions on removal of grout
  7. How to remove a brick from the wall
  8. Detailed instructions on how to mix the mortar.
  9. How to install grout and repoint mortar
  10. How to install new bricks
  11. Instructions on properly operating the jointers for tooling the mortar joints

Bonuses for the Brick Repair Guide

  1. Customer service and assistance (call 817-366-8376 during regular business hours M-F, 8-5 Central Time Zone)

Just purchase, download, and read/print The Brick Repair Guide now for $25.00

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    DIY Brick Repair Guide

Mortar Testing and Matching Services

There is no reason for masonry repair to look like this.
Get the mortar tested and properly matched. View our photos to see what this project looks like after our mortar testing and mortar matching services.

Mortar Testing Lab Analysis/Masonry Repair