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Mortar Testing/Mortar Analysis/Mortar Matching Services

Mortar Analysis

AMR Labs provides some basic mortar testing services including the analysis of mortar composition and mortar color matching.

Mortar Analysis & Matching Services

Mortar analysis is a process of testing and analyzing samples of existing mortar to determine their composition/color/compressive strength.

We have some of the most common methods of mortar analysis available separately, but have designed a complete mortar analysis test that combines many of the most common tests into one mortar analysis to provide more information about each sample of mortar tested or analyzed and provide a detailed mortar analysis report that includes the compressive strength of mortar/acid digestion testing results/detailed mortar composition formula/proportions and ratio of sand and cement binders.

Ordering Mortar Analysis

What are the procedures for ordering  Mortar Analysis or Mortar Matching?

  • Acquire samples of mortar about 1/4 cup or more is best

    • We can test crumbled mortar samples.

  • Payment for mortar analysis (pay online or by check with samples)

  • Package: Samples in a bag, a copy of receipt for mortar analysis or a check, your name, E-Mail, job name, job address, and shipping address, and a contact phone number.

  • Send package to us at:
    AMR Labs/Alamo Masonry Repair
    1525 Corona Dr.
    Granbury, TX 76048

How long does mortar analysis take?

Your mortar testing report and a cleaned sample of the original sand will be shipped to you within 5-10 business days.
Some delays may occur with large orders or volume of orders being processed.

Most orders are processed within 1-2 days, and take 1-3 days shipping.


Mortar Test Sample

Use a hammer and chisel to remove the samples of mortar from the corners of the home or directly from one of the cracks.  Then send us the samples with payment or a copy of the receipt for online payments.


Mortar Composition/Color Matching Analysis

Mortar Analysis

Mortar Analysis
This test follows the astm testing methods for testing hardened mortar samples including historic lime mortars. This is a complete mortar analysis and includes the following mortar testing methods and more.

Crushing pressure analysis of the mortar compressive strength, chemical or acid digestion test of mortar, composition testing of mortar samples, among other combined mortar testing methods.

Through this mortar analysis, we identify and determine if the mortar is a historic mortar containing historic lime, the mortar composition, color and gradation of sand used, ratio of sand and cement binders, and produce a matching mortar formula to the existing mortar. We can also compare samples of mortar tested to confirm if the mortars are of the same composition.
$350.00 per sample

Mortar Testing Report and Formula


Add a color match for $150.00




Mortar Matching Analysis

Mortar Matching Analysis
In this analysis of existing mortar samples, we test the mortar composition, color and graded particles of the sand, pigments, and compressive strength to determine the mortar formula for matching the old mortar.

This mortar formula is then tested, adjusted, and confirmed to match the existing mortar color for a complete mortar match of the formula, color and composition. This test is commonly used by masonry repair contractors and homeowners looking for diy methods of brick repair to make it easy and accurate, and is used for producing custom bags of mortar.
$325.00 per sample

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Certified Mortar Match 


Order your mortar analysis and bags of pre-matched tuck point mortars and make your masonry repairs disappear.




Brick Testing

Masonry Unit Testing
When choosing the right mortar for a masonry structure, or determining if the mortar used is a good mortar, you need to test the crushing pressure or compressive strength of the masonry units or mortar samples.

This would be the brick, block, stone, or tiles. Mortar should be slightly softer than the masonry units being installed to prevent damage to the masonry units. This test determines the crushing pressure of masonry units or can test the crushing pressure of the mortar sample. For full details about the mortar, select the mortar testing option above and get a complete mortar testing/analysis report.
$150.00 per sample

$150.00 per test of masonry unit or mortar




Mortar Analysis

Quick Mortar Match
Match mortar color fast with the quick mortar match. This test bases the mortar composition on general mortar type formulas and the compressive strength of your existing mortar.

Requires two or more pieces of surface mortar, but crumbled mortar is ok too.
$150.00 per match (send check with your samples)