Mortar Repair

The importance of matching mortar composition for any mortar repair could not be over stated. Without matching the mortar, the mortar repair will not last and can cause more damage.

The purpose of matching the mortar composition of the existing mortar in the repair mortar is to ensure that the two mortars will bond to each other and coexist without causing problems. Additionally, the color of mortar depends on the components and their ratios that make them, and to properly match mortar color will require matching the composition.

Matching the composition of the existing mortar will also make the repair mortar perform to the same as the old mortar and allow the mortar repair to last longer and bond better.

AMR Labs provides mortar analysis and matching services to help produce a proper repair mortar for mortar repairs.

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Mortar Testing Lab Analysis

AMR Labs is a mortar testing lab providing analysis of hardened mortar samples to determine the composition of existing mortar and create a matching mortar formula, and offers mortar color matching services also. Our lab testing services are often used to analyze and match old historic lime mortar for historic restoration and preservation, to determine mortar types and composition formulas, to determine if a quality mortar was used, or if the mortar used matches the recommended mortar materials for a project.

Matching Mortar for Repair

Mortar matching is

Mortar Testing Services

We offer many types of mortar analysis and masonry testing including mortar color/composition matching. Some are listed below.

Mortar Testing

This mortar analysis analyzes the compressive strength of mortar, the mortar composition, mortar type, the sand gradation, and produces a mortar formula for matching the mortar composition and type of the existing mortar sample being tested or to analyze and compare two samples of mortar to determine if they are the same. This mortar analysis includes compressive strength testing, hydrochloric testing or acid digestion of mortar, magnified examination, weight loss, and sand analysis. A cleaned sample of the original sand is returned to you with the mortar testing report. This test is also used to determine if the old mortar is a historic mortar or rather contains historic lime.

Mortar Matching

In this mortar analysis, we analyze the composition of mortar samples, compressive strength, and color and produce a mortar formula for matching the existing mortar color and composition. This includes an analysis of the original sand.

Masonry Unit Testing

This analysis is designed to test the crushing pressure or compressive strength of mortar, brick, stone, block, or tile, and is used to analyze and determine if the mortar used is a good mortar for the masonry units or to determine what type of mortar should be used with the units. A good mortar is slightly softer than the brick or stone it is used to install to prevent damage to the masonry unit.

Mortar Testing and Matching Services

There is no reason for masonry repair to look like this.
Get the mortar tested and properly matched. View our photos to see what this project looks like after our mortar testing and mortar matching services.

Mortar Testing Lab Analysis/Masonry Repair